What type of curtain to choose?


They do not just dress our windows. In addition, they help us regulate the natural light that bathes our interiors and gain intimacy. There are different alternatives to dress the windows. Lace curtains, blinds and curtains are some of the most frequent options.

Do not you decide for one? Here we want to help you to choose and for that, we present the main characteristics of each of them. For a matter of aesthetics or functionality. Take note!

lace curtain

Lace curtains

Before you settle for one or the other, you must keep in mind that the needs are different. The lace curtain is made with a thin cloth. This allows more light to pass through. Depending on the fabric, the lace curtains shift the light, achieving a more warm and harmonious atmosphere.

Keep in mind that the lace curtains are usually made in fabrics as light as bed linen, which makes these designs the perfect choice for rooms with little natural light and also for times of the year like summer when we do not want to shelter the house too much, but potentiates the outside points.


On the contrary, the curtains are more opaque. In fact, they are mostly used to prevent the entry of sunlight and provide intimacy, in addition to decorating. In this sense, the curtains are a great option in large rooms with abundant natural light. Having more presence than the lace curtains, the curtains have a great decorative power. So we can highlight our curtain with tie backs, hooks, rings and other similar details that enhance this environment. Another point in favor of the curtains is that they are classic decorations that don’t go out of fashion. Have not you convinced yet?


In any case, when choosing between a lace curtain and curtain, we must take into account the type of stay and our needs before choosing one model or another. Although another interesting option may be to combine two types: lace curtain and curtain. If you choose this suggestion, our advice is that lace curtain and the curtain combine with each other.


In addition to the lace curtains and the curtains, another interesting option is the blinds. Light and current, the blinds add a more modern touch to our interiors. Now, as with lace curtains and curtains, blinds have their advantages and disadvantages.


The blinds are a cheaper alternative than the lace curtains and curtains. Also, being glued to the window, these designs are much lighter. That is why it is especially recommended in rooms with few square meters and small windows.

Perhaps the great advantage to decorating with blinds is that it regulates the passage of light. That’s why it’s a great choice in rooms like the study area or the desk. In addition, they are very easy to wash, due to their small size. Smaller than that of the curtains.

To put a fault, the blinds need upper space to be gathered. In addition, blinds also not recommended in oscillating windows that open differently than conventional ones. In this case, the blinds would be inconvenient when opening and closing the window.

Before finishing, one last important detail: do not forget to take into account the color and design of your curtain or blinds, which should keep in harmony with the rest of the decoration.