Fengshui: Four basic rules for decorating spaces


Fengshui is a Chinese ancient art through which it seeks to achieve maximum energy and health, improve human relations and maintain spiritual wealth. In our homes we can enhance the positive energy taking into account these four basic rules when it comes to decorate the spaces of our home, according to Fengshui.


First rule of Fengshui
At the entrance to our home, there do not have any thick or heavy furniture. Neither visible electrical wires have to stand out; it has to be spacious and wide, so that positive energy enters our home.

Second rule of Fengshui
The center of the room or the living room – it has to be free of furniture, so that energy reaches all corners. In the darkest corners you can place a floor lamp. You have to avoid the walls completely white or black. It is highly advisable to paint them in green, blue or red colors, combined with a broken white, and place pictures on them. If space allows, we can join the dining room and the living room. The dining room has to be kept clean and ventilated. During meals cannot be turned on TV, it is important that the door is not positioned behind the sofa, place cushions on it.

Third rule of Fengshui
The bathrooms should have natural light and good ventilation. It is important to ensure that the water, the sink, the bidet and the bath or shower, do not smell. According to Fengshui, it is important to mix wood elements to contrast the water element. Do not place the bathroom in front of the entrance door of the home or in front of the kitchen. The kitchen has to be comfortable, in which we can circulate well. The best distribution of the appliances is the one that separates the stoves and the oven from the water elements, like the dishwasher, the washing machine or the refrigerator. The ideal colors for the kitchen are toasted.


Fourth rule of Fengshui
The bedroom has to be sufficiently illuminated, not only with the ceiling lamp; we have to place lamps on the bedside table or small tables. The head of the bed has to stick to one of the walls that do not have windows and from the bed; it is possible to see the entrance door to the room. Mirrors that directly reflect the bed should also be avoided. The bedroom has to convey a sense of calm and well-being, which is why the light colors are advisable.

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