nordic decoration

Elegant Swedish room decoration on white


The trends in home decor are changing over the years; however, the white never goes out of style. The white decoration for the home has been used for a long time and continues to functions the same, providing light in the space of the home. Today we bring you an elegant house decorated in the nordic style, so you can enjoy an interior come from Sweden, a Scandinavian country where this decorative style is the most triumphs.

nordic decoration

The apartments decorated according to the characteristics of Nordic style, white is a clear protagonist. The white is important to make the space brighter. Thanks to white we get the space seems larger, therefore it is an ideal color for small apartments. Usually the Nordic decoration comes accompanied by small details that create contrast and breaks the monochrome, either in shades of black or flashy color. In this case we can see that focuses primarily on the binomial black/white.

A highlight in this interior is the moldings we see on the ceilings, that help make this space has its own character, like the wooden floor, which helps to obtain a much more warm aspect.

nordic decoration

Another detail of Nordic decoration that we see in this interior is the natural details. The Scandinavian decoration focuses among other things on some natural detail such as vases with flowers and other elements that come from nature. This gives the interior a cozy and beautiful look that is worth considering.

Finally, in this Nordic interior, it highlights the elegance of the decorative elements that can be seen in details such as the lamp hanging from the ceiling and the careful way in which are placed the furniture, paintings and other decorations found in the apartment. Also highlight the role of kitchen wall, of vintage style, which gives an original and unique touch to the housing.

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