How to merge classic with modern style

Vintage or modern? Rustic or industrial? When decorating a home start doubts about a style we want to bring the design of its interior. You may be one of those people who are already clear how to decorate your home, but for most homeowners decorating their new home can be a real headache.

classic with modern style

For that reason, one of the trends that have been gaining adherents in recent years is to merge styles that a priori seem completely incompatible. Here we give you some little tricks to combine in your home the classic style with modern.

Focus on the details
A trick to combine both styles is to make one of them predominates in the room with the furniture or the most important elements of the same and the other is based exclusively on the accessories and small details. Try giving your bedroom an original style with a vintage design bed and more modern lamps.

classic with modern style

Forget the ornate decoration
Many people often think that to combine the classic style and the more modern elements that are best used. However, it is not advisable to recharge the house to compensate for both designs. It does not only happen in the furniture, nor should it be overloaded with the colors or patterns.

It is best to use less furniture and accessories in light colors and plain fabrics or with simple patterns.

Take advantage of architectural elements
If accounts with columns, beams, special moldings, brick walls or other architectural element that makes your home a special place, take advantage to combine two different contrasting styles that element with the decor.

Restore your oldest furniture
With a little imagination you can give a more modern touch to your ancient and inherited furniture. The easiest way to achieve this is to transform the wood furniture with a good coat of paint in smooth and neutral tones.