Modular homes: The most amazing models


modular homes

The modular homes have become for many an alternative to the typical concrete and brick houses. More and more people are turning to these designs, whose main advantages are the speed of installation and especially its affordable price.

modular homes

The low cost of modular homes is perhaps the main reason why these types of homes have grown enormously during the years of the crisis. And thanks to that, the modular homes have been perfected to become authentic homes of design that have nothing to envy the concrete.

What are the modular homes?
Modular homes are constructed from several standardized sections (or modules), which are manufactured in advance and then placed in the place where the house is to be built.

Modular homes are very popular in some European countries, especially in Canada and the USA, as their price is much more competitive than that of a traditional home.

What materials are used in modular homes?
The most common materials used in the construction of modular homes are reinforced concrete, wood and steel. However, the range is expanded in function of the dimensions, number of floors, the terrain or the type of climate of the place where the house is to be installed.

modular homes

With the concrete is achieved that modular homes have better thermal insulation and able to reduce temperatures and noise from outside. The steel are more durable and stable, while modular wooden houses are cheaper and lighter.

What layouts have the modular homes?
Today you can find modular homes for all tastes in the market. These types of housing have gone from being the classic container and have become houses of the most spectacular that have nothing to envy to the normal building houses.

Among the most striking models of modular homes are those of more modern style. Being modules constructed in series, its design is based on open floors and pure lines, characteristics of the most current style.

But that does not mean that you cannot find modular homes that emulate the more traditional homes. The villa type housing or old house can also be constructed with thanks to these modules.

Today, the construction of such housing has gone one step further and you can see entire buildings formed of modules. In addition, the luxury market also has room here and you can already find modular houses that have nothing to envy the mansions.

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