oven does not work

My oven does not work, how do I repair an oven?


My oven does not work, how many of us have not said this gloomy phrase at some point and do not know how to repair it without having to make a significant expense. Do not worry! Here, we will explain the different failures that this indispensable cooking machinery can present and how you can try to repair your equipment.

The oven has become one of the favorite elements in homes, because when cooking this machinery is very practical for various recipes with it.

Likewise, hotel and restaurant businesses make use of the power of industrial ovens to produce large quantities of food and serve their customers. But what to do then if, in either case, my oven turns off or stops heating?

oven does not work

If you are going through the situation of “my oven does not work”, either at home or in your business, you are not alone: here we will provide you with the answers you are looking for regarding this problematic situation.

What to do if my oven does not work?

The first thing you should know is the type of equipment you have in your business or residence since the operation of this machinery is influenced by its internal parts, since not all share the same parts. Therefore, the first thing you need to ask yourself is the kind of equipment you have: Is it a classic oven or an electric oven?

In general, classic oven models have fans, 2 or 3 internal heating elements, mechanical thermostats and a timer. These equipments do not work with an electrical system but with gas or another kind of mechanism. The incorporation of these parts makes it easier to repair them in the event that some of them break down.

On the other hand, electric ovens have an electric thermostat system, which is regulated by a module or a sensor making the heating elements and other parts such as the timer work. When this electrical system is damaged, it is usually more complex to fix it and, for that reason, in many cases the support of a technician is needed.

common oven faults

Common oven faults

After recognizing what type of oven you have in your home or business, you should review until you discover what is wrong with your equipment and doesn’t let you make a rich recipe. Therefore, below, we will present you which are the most common problems that occur in ovens.

1. My oven won’t turn on

On any given day you are going to turn on the oven, but it does not turn on by pressing any of its buttons or hands. Before going into crisis, you need to know some of the basic reasons that may be causing this problem.

Furnaces with electrical systems have a piece called a switch, which is the guide that carries the current to all the equipment. In this way, if the switch is damaged, you would run out of the oven’s power source and you will have to change the part or the fast connectors of the equipment. Something like if a gas oven will run out of fuel, causing it to shut down instantly.

Another factor that can lead you to say “my oven does not work”, because it does not turn on normally is due to a failure in the timer of the machinery, a very harmful element if it is damaged.

The problem with this type of cooking machinery is that, if you do not make use of certain implements, over time, these are damaged by disuse and this is one of the main reasons for damage to the timer, but it is not the only one.

If the internal connections are disconnected, you just have to reconnect them. However, the internal system could also have burned out as well and that requires a much more expensive part change to fix.

2. No light in the oven

“My oven does not work because the internal light does not come on”. Although it seems like a somewhat simple reason, this element is essential when cooking any recipe; it prevents burns during cooking and allows us not to be opening all the time to check how the cooking is going, which could harm the recipe.

Fixing this fault is simple, so don’t worry. First check the kind of light bulb the oven uses, the amps and size. In these cases, you can check if the manual indicates which one it uses. Next, contact your oven supplier, brand, or store to purchase the bulb.

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3. Doesn’t close the oven door

“The door does not close, for this reason my oven does not work properly”. Do you feel identified with this problem? Well then, let’s see what causes this failure.

Reasons such as constant use or rough use of the equipment can cause the oven door hinges to loosen and, therefore, not achieve adequate cooking in the food.

To fix this situation you need to disassemble the oven and re-adjust the hinges, first checking that they are not damaged and need a replacement. After this repair, your oven should close smoothly.

oven does not heat

4. Oven does not heat

When the oven is not heating you should check the operation of various pieces of equipment. The most obvious is usually the thermostat. The problem is that there are two thermostats, a general one in the appliance and a safety one.

The general thermostat makes the oven reach a certain temperature when cooking, while the safety thermostat cuts the current when there is an overheating in the resistances, preventing fires or the foods ending up scorched.

Normally, if any of these parts break down, they must be replaced immediately because the consequences of a malfunction can damage the equipment as a whole. Be careful!

In addition to that, if any of the heating elements is cut, it also influences that your oven does not heat normally. There is a device called a multimeter with which you can verify if any of the resistors are cut off.

Final Words

We hope that with this article you have learned why we ended up saying the phrase “my oven does not work” and how to solve it. Most of the cases require a replacement of parts or a previous revision is very careful if you are going to do it on your own.

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