spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning – Why You Shouldn’t Forget Your Garden


The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising, but winter has likely left its mark on your home and garden. During the chilly months, we tend to spend more time indoors, which can leave your home cluttered. We also find ourselves neglecting the backyard, which means that the dawn of spring is the perfect time to spruce it up for a summer of parties, barbecues and relaxing in the sun.

spring cleaning

Why you should add your garden to your spring cleaning list

It’s not just our homes that need a little TLC when spring arrives. Winter can leave our gardens overgrown and covered in fallen leaves and twigs. As the days become warmer, you’ll want to spend more time in your garden and are much more likely to enjoy a garden that looks as fresh as the season. Plus, it only takes a few tasks to make sure your yard is ready for hosting.

Tips for a gorgeous garden

Dispose of winter debris

If there’s one thing that makes a garden look less than welcoming its winter debris. Dead branches, fallen leaves and piles of dirt quickly take away the beauty of your yard and also hinder playtime for children. Start by inspecting your trees and shrubs. Cleaning out any dead or damaged branches will not only help your garden look neater but it’ll also keep your plants growing and healthy.

Next, use a rake to clear your grassy areas of any leaves or seeds that your trees may have shed during the winter months. This can be a great start to a compost pile if you’d like to make your garden a little bit greener.

Trim your trees and bushes

There’s nothing like perfectly pruned plants to give your garden the wow-factor. Begin with your hedges. Decide what shape you’ll give your hedge, starting with the top and working your way down. If the plant seems thick and overgrown, you might consider cutting some of the inner branches to thin the plant and encourage growth.

Your trees might also need some trimming now that winter has passed. If your trees are taller than you can reach, you’ll likely need a pole trimmer for extra height. Finally, care for your flowers. Remove any dead or damaged stems and leaves so that your flowers can thrive in the summer sun.

Give your garden some edge

Giving your garden a good spring clean isn’t just about the big jobs; it’s also about the details. Unkempt borders can make a garden look disorganized, so creating a crisp edge between areas is essential. Start with borders between soft and hard surfaces, like grass and concrete.

You could also add a creative border between yard and flower bed areas. Large stones, bricks or large concrete slabs can keep grass from growing into your flowers while creating a sleek look.

Clean your outdoor furniture

One of the best ways to enjoy the warm spring months is curled up with a cold drink. However, you’ll want to make sure your furniture is clean before you get too comfortable. Wash soft cushions according to their instructions to prevent shrinking or fading, and all it takes to clean hard surfaces like wicker and wood is a quick wipe with a damp rag. Make sure you clear out any dust and spider webs so that you and your guests can enjoy lounging in the sunshine.

Clean your concrete

The hard surfaces in your garden are likely where you keep your barbecue, chairs or dining table. Because it’s used often, it can easily become covered in dirt and debris, and no spring clean is complete without a freshly washed courtyard.

Having the right tools will help you clean your concrete quickly and easily. Water blaster hire is your best bet for a spotless patio this spring. A water blaster uses pressure to push dirt and debris from even the tightest cracks and corners, make it much more effective than a broom. Plus, it’s affordable! Water blaster hire will help you choose a high-quality blaster that’ll make quick work of your spring cleaning.

Spending a day or two sprucing up your garden will mean you have more time to enjoy it over the summer months, and less time spent trying to battle overgrowth and garden clutter.

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