What are the most common mistakes in the decoration and distribution of the kitchen? 5 ideas to avoid them

The kitchen is, generally, a stay in the house not too large (there are huge, of course) but in which, yes, it is necessary to introduce many elements that are essential for day to day. Therefore, the distribution of furniture and appliances, accompanied by a decor accordingly, may not be entirely simple. There are frequent errors that we do when it comes to decorate and organize our kitchen, and today we are going to know some and discover the ideas that will help you resolve them. We start!

mistakes in kitchen

Not having enough storage space

The first mistake that we can find when it comes to organizing and decorating our kitchen is not having enough storage space. It is important that you take full advantage of the available square meters and there are many storage solutions that adapt to all types of kitchen.

Hindering the work triangle

The second error to which we are going to give a solution is that of creating obstacles in the so-called working triangle, that is, the one located in the area between the washer, the plate and the refrigerator. It is the place where more activity is done, so avoid placing in the middle a little purchase, bar or any other element that interferes with the proper traffic between these three places.

In addition, the distribution of the furniture thus following this theory can place them in the L-shaped, U-shaped or parallel. Also in line, since, although a triangle is not formed as such, it allows us to access all three areas comfortably.

Do not pay attention to the countertops

The countertop is the work surface where we will prepare our richest recipes. It is essential that you take into account the most proportionate dimensions regarding the size of the kitchen so that it is a comfortable place for you. Remove them as much as possible when decorating the room, avoiding placing too many objects on it. And do not forget the material, since its durability and maintenance will depend on it.

Do not take into account the lighting

If you are lucky enough to have natural light in your kitchen you are in luck. It’s the best there is! But, sometimes, this may not be possible and you should use an adequate artificial lighting that makes the stay comfortable and safe at the time of cooking. And even if you have the natural light you should also pay attention to lighting, especially in order to light the work area so you can cook with the greatest possible visibility. Avoid the shadows in this space. In any case, you should look for safety and comfort with the chosen lights.

Do not make the most of the available space

Another of the most common mistakes is to miss out on the space in our kitchen. For example, placing small furniture, this does not reach the ceiling, losing storage capacity and causing the top part to fill with dust. Try that, without saturating, all the space you have can be used. I do not mean only the storage, but also the areas that may be left to add some decorative element or the size of the furniture.

If you do not want to put high cabinets because the kitchen is small and can overwhelm a little bet for shelves and racks that help you use the vertical surface of the walls of your kitchen. And if you have a corner or dead corner, look for a piece of furniture as you solve this problem. There are solutions for everything; you just have to know how to find them.