What to look for before buying a house?

Search a home, finding it and buying it is one of the most stressful moments in life. And a decision that does not take a false step. What do you have to look at before you set up a property so you do not have a surprise within a few months of moving?

look for before buying a house

What to check before buying a house

First, you must not stay with the first impression. You have to see it several times, at different times, on different days of the week and accompanied. If possible, go with a qualified professional. Look at the constructive details of the property and, if it is a department, ask for permission to review the common spaces. These are the main points to keep in mind.


It is one of the most common problems in homes or apartments. It can be covered with paint, so you have to be wary of the properties that are freshly painted. You have to take the job to look up and down the walls.

The typical signs of humidity are the balloons in the painting and the places where walls and ceilings change color or appear spots. In the PH and the apartments on the top floor you have to pay even more attention.

Walls, floors and balconies

It is necessary to watch that there are no cracks in the walls and floors, symptom of constructive problems difficult to solve. You should cross the street and look at the fronts.

It is always better to be coated than just painted. Rust stains on the base of the balconies and detached masonry are a bad sign.

The materials

The details and quality of construction are also important. In many cases they are determined by the materials that were used. What to look for: carpentry (best are those of aluminum), coatings and floors.

The orientation

It is very important: it determines the light and the warmth of the rooms. We must consider the luminosity, as well as exposure to wind and rain.

The best sun is the morning, so the specialists recommend that the front look to the East and the background to the West, but the North-South orientation also good. One detail: the houses that are hot in summer are always cold in winter.

The kitchen and bathroom

These are two key environments, because renewing them takes an important budget. Quality details are given by faucets, appliances and furnishings.

Open the faucets to find out how much water pressure there is and, to find out if the environment well ventilated, check if there are fungi on the ceiling of the bathroom and check if the kitchen has extractor or hood with exit to the outside.

The terrace

In case the property has its own terrace, look if it is only waterproofed (in this case the membrane is almost always painted red or black) or if it also has tiled floor. The membrane is usually skipped with the use, and that is why we should be checked if the material shows cracks or fissures.

The neighborhood

It is always good to walk around the area before deciding, to see the safety and how it is at night. Being on an avenue or near the subway, green spaces, malls and universities helps to revalue a property.