Advantages of putting a shower screen

Years pass, and with them the rooms of our house become obsolete. While it is true that all the rooms must be renewed sooner or later, one of those usually bring more headaches, is the bathroom. A bedroom or a living room can be changed with a coat of paint and a change of furniture, while bathrooms usually require greater involvement: changing tiles, floor, toilet, sinkā€¦ Among the many changes that are trend today, the bath shower screens can offer many benefits, let’s talk about some of them!

shower screen

More space
One of the ideal changes for a small bathroom, is to change the bathtub for a shower cubicle, this will allow us to gain a few meters in our bathroom, because it is much better suited to space.

A most beautiful bathroom
As much as we choose a modern shower curtain, the screen gets having a bathroom much more beautiful and aesthetic, achieving an important visual cleaning.

Goodbye to splashes
Do you still have curtains in your bathroom? It is the moment to change them into a screen that in addition to being more minimalistic and aesthetic will help us to get rid of the annoying splashes that end up dampening floors and walls, doing that the bath get dirty more rapidly and easily.

A easy bathroom cleaner
The shower screens are easier to clean than shower curtains, with only a cloth and the right detergent will do away the dirt in a jiffy. The curtains tend to become more dirty and we have to finish pulling them and changing them for others from time to time.

Different models
There are several models of shower screen, more or less translucent depending on our needs. You can also choose between screens with hinged or sliding door, something that will depend on the available space.