Meet these ideas to decorate your small bathroom

Our bathrooms have become over the last decades a place where we also have to leave our personal seal at the time of decorate it. To have ceased to be those cold and soulless places that only used to do our needs. Now there are parts where we clean and groom to dress our best finery and also must be perfectly equipped when we receive any type of guest.

decorate your small bathroom

In one way or another, it is very important that our bathroom has a decoration according to the times that run, regardless of its dimensions. Would you like to know some of the decorative tips that we give you to decorate this part of your home? If so, we invite you to accompany us through the following lines:

Take advantage of all the vertical space
Many people are dedicated to saturate their bathroom with all kinds of appliances and small furniture that the only thing they do is to miss the space that is available. Given this situation, do not you think it would be a good idea to make use of all the vertical spaces?

There are many ways to get it, such as installing an old wooden staircase painted with light colors. On each of the shelves, you can support all your body and hand towels giving a more colorful touch to your bathroom.

Always opt for light tones
If we have a slightly limited bathroom, to use in its walls and furniture dark colors such as black or gray will only add more overwhelm feeling. Therefore, it is very advisable to use other lighter shades such as white or beige with which you will feel in a much larger and clearer space. These are also very much in the “mix” of colors like the bamboo next to the olive green.

Bet on vintage furniture
Surely you have all kinds of antique furniture without using and that practically have fallen into oblivion. Before this, it is a good idea to recycle any of them and to use them as a structure between the sink and the soil. In this way, you can add decorative elements such as flowers or other scented objects to give a personal touch to your bathroom while everything is perfectly organized and stored.