Bedrooms with animal print style


animal print style

Would you like to decorate your house with touches that remind the animals of an African savannah? In recent decades the prints inspired by African animals such as zebras, tigers, leopards or also called animal print have been very fashionable, these prints are that over time come and go with fashion and today these are very popular, so much so that even impose on the furniture and accessories of the house.

animal print style

The bedroom is a room ideal to be decorated in the animal print style, since you can make use of sheets, blankets, carpets, rugs, curtains or wallpaper, but you should pay special attention to avoid making certain mistakes and move from a modern and avant-garde style to the vulgarity, here are the best tips to do it.

The animal print style can be a great idea in terms of decoration is concerned; it can be applied in any bedroom of the house, from the main room or the girls room, to the guest room. This type of trend can be carried out in two different styles, i.e. making use of simple, moderate and discreet way or with attractive motifs and colors being the sole focus of the decoration.

For those who choose simple and unobtrusive option can inspire in a natural and elegant style as the African savannah, in this case it is recommended to use the various shades of brown and natural or raw colors for bedroom furniture and walls or floors you can decorate with accessories such as tables, vinyl or textile in leopard, giraffe, zebra or tiger prints. Do not abuse too much of this print, because instead of giving that fresh and elegant touch, it will end up as something vulgar in bad taste.

When looking for one to give a more avant-garde touch the zebra pattern is indicated as it contrasts the basic colors white and black, that can also be combined with a counter tone like purple or fuchsia, all this can be applied to large surfaces or only in small details, this is ideal for adolescent dormitories.


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