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Vintage Ideas For Decorating With Birdcages


Decorating with birdcages is a trend that will allow us to reuse an object to fill a corner of our symbolism house. The bird cages can be found in second-hand stores or prepared to become objects such as lamps or vases. This object can end up being the most romantic and original if we prepare it to be the protagonist of a very rustic atmosphere. These types of cages usually have neutral colors and are made of metal, durable and elegant.

decorating with birdcages

Be inspired by the following ideas you will be able to integrate that new treasure in any room of your house.

Ideas For Decorating With Birdcages

Bet For the Simple

The old birdhouses are of those objects that are worth by themselves to give off magic … they are your ace in the sleeve to have a house with personality! They admit almost any decorative style without the need of any complement.

As it comes to filling you with inspiration, encourage yourself to take one more step. Prepare the brush, choose the paint and get to work. Among the most popular colors to carry out this task are white, pink, light blue and apple green.

Fill them with Light

Without a doubt, light is one of your best allies to achieve a cozy atmosphere. Adding the romantic touch of a candle and the elegance of a bow you will have a very flirty corner.

birdcages with candle

Nowadays it is very easy to find garlands of lights with which to achieve in a very simple spectacular effect.

Maybe transforming the cage into a lamp are big words, but it is certainly a perfect option for houses with high ceilings.

Fill with Flowers

Fill your old bird cage with flowers. We can use the cage as a vase, placing flowers and accessories that give this cage a romantic air. Arranged in a living room or room will give the vintage touch that any space will need. We will have the transformation ready in a few minutes.

birdcages with flower

And if you don’t want to use flowers you can always bet on the stimulating freshness of the vegetation as in this very chic version, included butterflies.

Design as a Lamp

Transform a bird cage into a design lamp. We can place a bulb on top and take advantage of the hook or directly use LED lights that will not need so much installation.

birdcages with light

This ceiling lamp will give you the most original design, ideal for dining rooms or kitchens where we want to have a very original focal point.

An Ideal Pot

An ideal pot for cactus can be based on a bird cage. Most cages have a hook to hang them. For all types of plants and especially those cactus that we are afraid to touch or that the little ones in the house touch them, they will be wonderful inside the cage. We can hang it on the wall, the plants will look like never before and a space of good vibrations will fill us.

decorating cages

Take Advantage of your Interior

Do you still have pumpkins and pineapples? These are some of the possibilities that will help you turn a simple cage into an ideal centerpiece for your autumnal celebrations.

If you like birds in freedom, but you don’t want a cage without an inhabitant, with imagination, pencil and paper you will give life to a lot of them.

Decorating birdcages can be as simple as taking advantage of them to preserve old collections, small treasures or simple glass bottles.

Finally, as you have seen, decorating cages (and make it look good) is very simple, you just have to come up with an idea that will make you fall in love and adapt to your needs and tastes. Look again calmly at these proposals and enjoy your new collection piece today.

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