Green gardens to give life to the home

Not all green gardens are the same and gardening is as extensive as its origins and purpose of use, for this reason and to give the personal touch to green gardens, it is very important to take a look at the diversity of designs that exists and see how each of them can adapt to personal needs and tastes.

You can make some combinations, although it is not recommended, but if the areas allow it is possible to have one or several styles of green gardens, although separated by zones according to the house, space and light that are received, this mainly to ensure that the plants are always in optimal conditions.

Different green gardens to give life to the home

Basic knowledge about gardening and commitment to the care of each plant and maintain them in their natural state, helps us to respect the environment and avoid loss of plants from pests such as slugs and snails, diseases and climatic conditions, as well as the reasonable use of water.

tropical gardens

Tropical gardens

The tropical gardens are recommended in humid climates, to use 20 percent of plant in outdoors, since in dry, hot and cold climates, may have lost their foliage and flowers, even the whole plant may perish due to the climatic conditions. These are best used in the interior with good lighting and ventilation.

Desert and Mediterranean Gardens

Again the weather and conditions are important for the use of Mediterranean style gardens. These gardens allow the use of desert plants and Mediterranean environment; using bougainvillea, rose laurel, geraniums, plumbago and palms, among others, there are distinctive features for that style of garden.

It is complemented by adding inert materials such as stone ball, gravel, stone reynosa, volcanic rock, including coarse sands, and this green garden gives our home a lively appearance. An ideal space to relax and re-connect with yourself.

water gardens

Water gardens

Water gardens are somewhat more complicated for operation and maintenance, and are associated with tropical gardens. Good planning is required for the drainage, pumping and oxygenation of water, as well as the introduction of fish and plants. You can learn about aquaponics (an organic system to maintain an ecosystem) to have a closer reference to its maintenance.

It is important that it is part of one of the sections of the garden according to the overall dimensions of the land, otherwise use prefabricated, which occupy no more than 2 square meters. This design gives our green gardens the possibility of making us live a totally natural and full of life.

Green walls and vertical gardens

Today there are a variety of containers and systems to place plants in the walls by way of designs in carpets, including irrigation system. Low maintenance favors a good selection of plants and orientation to the light, in addition, must be properly waterproofed, especially if it is inland.

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