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Guide to choose best mattress


Do you plan to renew the mattress? Nowadays, there is so much variety of mattresses that sometimes hard to choose which one is right for you or for someone in your family, since each one has a different way of sleeping.

Today we present this guide to choose best mattress that suits you or your son or daughter in the case that the mattress is for them. There are a lot of options and possibilities so we will focus on the most recommended:

choose best mattress

1. The voice of experience

Before buying a new mattress to be clear one thing: is the mattress with which you slept in recent years has been to your liking? If so, do not hesitate to purchase an updated version of the mattress in question.

If you have not finished convincing, it is better to investigate and find the mattress that best suits your needs, so this guide to choose the mattress will be useful. You should also take into account the years that the mattress has and if it really is time to change it.

If you notice that the top layer of the mattress is wearing out, it will be better to change it. It is important to know that the useful life of a mattress varies between 8 and 10 years.

2. Take measures

Be clear if the new mattress is for individual or for couple. If you are an individual, there should not be many problems when deciding, but if it is for couple or family members you have to take into account that you must satisfy the two people who sleep in it.

If the mattress is for your son or daughter keep in mind that they are in the growth phase. The mattress should always respect its height and should be changed if your son or daughter grows and the mattress is too small.

3. Tell me how you sleep and I’ll tell you what you need

In order for this guide to choose best mattress to be really useful it is very important that you know how you sleep. There are 3 factors that determine how you sleep and depending on that, you have to choose a mattress or another:

how you sleep


Do you sleep in a fetal position? Do you sleep on your back? Or do you prefer to sleep on your side with your arm under your pillow? All this is very relevant, because if you sleep on your back, a firmer and harder mattress will be better. On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, a softer one will be better so that the shoulder molds slightly.


Determines the firmness of the mattress. If you are a person with a considerable weight, it is better to buy a harder and firmer mattress so as not to sink and move easily. On the other hand, if you are of low weight, the ideal is a more flexible mattress.


If you do not stop at bedtime or you see that your children move a lot, it will be better to have a more rigid and firm mattress so that when there is movement, do not sink and you wake up because of the discomfort. If you do not move a hair, a soft mattress will give you more comfort.

4. The secret is in the materials

And this is the section of the guide to choose mattress that brings most headaches to anyone. There are many varieties of materials and getting it right can be difficult and how well we know, getting it right is important since the next few years of sleep will depend on whether the mattress is good or bad.

Here is a list of materials with which mattresses are manufactured, with their advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide which one you prefer.


Foam mattresses have improved in recent years and are a very economical option to consider. If our budget is limited, a good foam mattress lasts many years and does not require a large investment.

Of course, if you are looking for firmness it is better to look for another type of mattress. Although it has been improved, the firmness of the foam mattresses cannot be compared with those of springs and also tends to sink with use. In addition they tend to be hot, so it requires good maintenance and care.


They are the most traditional mattresses. They have been renewed to offer improvements in their firmness and comfort. The most recommended springs are individually bagged, as they avoid noise and rubbing. They are also more effective at distributing weight. Spring mattresses are always the most reliable if you are looking for firmness.

The biggest advantages are a firmness beyond all doubt (and if the springs are of quality and there are many per square metre even more), so your back will appreciate it. They are usually economical and breathable.

Finally, they help to maintain body temperature. The bad thing is that they tend to be less durable and if the springs are not of quality, they end up yielding to the weight and causing bundles on the mattress that are not beneficial at all.


This mattress is more focused for therapeutic uses, but it can be recommended for people who spend a lot of heat at night. Its material distributes body heat very well.

It is a mattress of a pleasant softness and free of allergens. Of course, if you are a person with a certain weight, you can damage the gel structure and lose the positive properties of this type of mattress. It is also not recommended for people who do not get hot at night.


Being composed of rubber tree resin, this type of mattresses are the most natural. They adapt very well to the shape of the body thanks to their elasticity and are very pleasant to the touch.

They are also hygienic, breathable, easy to clean and ecological. The main problem is that they deteriorate very easily. Also, keep in mind that latex can cause allergic reactions to certain types of people. Finally, completely discard this type of mattress for boys and girls since it does not provide the necessary firmness for them.

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Viscoelastic are the most fashionable mattresses nowadays because they adapt very well to your body and give a very pleasant surrounding feeling. Its touch is soft and fluffy. Highly recommended for those who have back and muscle pain.

Of course, we must take into account that they are athermic (they do not produce neither cold nor heat) so if you are very hot it will be better that you acquire a viscoelastic with springs. It must also be said that this type of mattress is usually the most expensive.

5. Conclusion of the guide to choose mattress

Our recommendation to choose a good mattress for children in the growth phase is a viscoelastic with springs, because it provides the comfort of the viscoelastic together with the firmness of the springs and is the best combination for them.

As for you it is something more personal so if you prefer firmness we recommend a mattress of pocket springs. But if what you prefer is softness, comfort and adaptability, the best thing for you is a viscoelastic mattress. It is also something to discuss with your partner, so that both of you are happy with the purchase of a new mattress.

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