Important points when buying a latex mattress

Buying a natural latex mattress is something increasingly common in our society. This element for the rest has been growing little by little until being established as one of the most habitual and demanded options in the sector.

natural latex mattress

Today it is estimated that about 15% of the mattresses sold on the market have an inner core of latex. Despite the short time that lead to the sale, have managed to reach certain recognition grade among the population. But are they all the same? What is important when it comes to getting one for our room?

The main feature of a natural latex mattress is that its method of manufacture is to blow compressed air to a gelatinous material for the foam filled with bubbles that subsequently, through a procedure with hardeners and resins, will form a block that suppose an adequate surface for the rest.

The latex mattress, in addition to natural, can also be synthetic and mixed. The first type will be the most ecological, since the material will be extracted directly from the resin of the rubber tree. The higher percentage, more natural it will be and major will be its quality and comfort. On its labels must expressly state that it is 100% natural latex.

For its part, the synthetic will be a mattress made from a chemical material that comes from the oil. It is a question of a firmer and less flexible type, besides having a very particular gummy smell and touch.

Finally, when we go to a dealer of latex mattresses factory we can choose the third way, to opt for a mixed type, also known as euro latex. These are mattresses with 20% natural material and 80% synthetic.

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Next to the composition, when we decide to buy a mattress made from latex we will have to look at other characteristics, such as the density of the material, its adaptability or its perspiration.

The ideal density is the middle, with an approximate value of 75 kilograms per cubic meter. If it were lower, the mattress would be too fluffy, while a greater result would imply that its firmness might be excessive.

Along with the density in a natural latex mattress, mixed or synthetic it should be fixed in the adaptability. The more independent zones you have, the better. Especially if it is going to be placed in a double bed.

Lastly, we cannot finish without explaining what the most important advantages of this type of mattresses are, mainly its ability to adjust to the body, its great elasticity; it’s extremely soft texture, which is breathable for a correct aeration, resistant to dirt and much more durable than the docks.

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