save loung space

Lounge: Tips to save space


The lounge where the whole family gathers to chat, read or watch TV, the living room should be given particular attention in its development not to be too crowded. Whether opting for the scalable furniture or investing differently the walls or the ceiling, as original and practical solutions can make the lounge a space in which to live regardless of its surface!

save loung space

Dare to tailor

Make drawing by an architect or an interior designer, a custom show allows to fully optimizing the space, taking into account all the needs of the home. In a small space, one can choose nested furniture, the back of the sofa turning into a bookcase and sitting in a storage box, for example.

Invest the entire space

If we opt for a custom design, one can very well imagine investing rarely exploited spaces such as doors. Here, the library extends to the door and thus optimizing the entire wall. Once the door closed the opening becomes invisible to create a visual unity and a coherent whole.

Optimize windows

Like doors, the spaces under windows are rarely exploited. One can nevertheless create there an arrangement, open or closed, that will shelter books and knick-knacks. The upper part can be transformed into a bench to appreciate the outside view or to put decorative objects.

Retractable furniture

Furniture adapted to the space and the needs of the inhabitants can take surprising and unpublished forms. A bed can fall in the thickness of the wall, a coffee table hide under the seat… Do not hesitate to play on sliding or pivoting panels to release a maximum of space. Pull, slide, tilt, these are the key words of a custom made arrangement!

Mystery furniture

The principle of modularity creates areas to live that a small living room can hardly welcome permanently. For example, a library can shelter a panel taken up on spindle, invisible in the origin and which will be transformed into table by toppling over. This space can be used as a dining area, often difficult to have in a small lounge.

save loung space

Multi-functional furniture

This is the current trend. Wall cabinets can very well be transformed into low cabinets with different functions depending on the time of day or the users. This cabinet can be coffee table, bookcase or reading bench. By combining all these possibilities, it adapts to the varied needs of a household.

A folding coffee table

The coffee table is one of the major pieces of the lounge with the sofa. In addition to being aesthetic, it is also required to be practical and to be able to provide several uses like storing, posing, decorating… The tray can slide or tilt to leave room for clever and invisible storage once closed. Practical solution to store remote controls, newspapers and other everyday objects that often clutter.

Investing angles

It is always necessary to organize its development and its decoration according to the typography of places. There is always a way to profit from the piece, even quirky. Angles are often difficult to invest, but in a lounge, it creates cozy and naturally warm areas. The sofas and banquettes are generally easily finding its place.

Foldable furniture

Today, designers are full of imagination to invent furniture that adapts to our different ways of living. The solution of the folding furniture and especially the chairs is ideal for those who wish to increase the number of seating punctually. Previously, these chairs, often little aesthetic, were put aside when these were not useful, but with a support base once folded and in very contemporary design, one can very well leave them put against a Wall and create a decorative, quirky and original look.

Lighten the stairs
The staircase is an element that takes up a lot of space, including visually. One can very well reduce this hold by installing steps against a wall. Lightened to the maximum, these are merely supports and if it plays the contrast of colors and materials, it can create a very graphic set.


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