Wardrobe Change: Definitive Guide to an Orderly Dressing

Perhaps the owner may seem a bit ambitious, but if we have been useful to use these tips, surely you too. For this reason, we decided to share with all of you the keys to enjoy a dressing room in order.

organizing dressing room

If you are planning to do the change of wardrobe, these little tricks will suit you. Simple gestures that totally make the difference and help you optimize the closet. Let’s do it!

Clean up

Before making the dreaded change of wardrobe, from winter clothes to summer clothes or vice versa, our advice is to completely empty the closet: drawers, shelves, etc. Take the opportunity to take a look at all your clothes and get rid of the clothes that you no longer use.

When you make the change of wardrobe, you will find clothes from last season. What can we do with them? Our advice is to keep them (clean, dry and correctly folded) in another room or closet. To free up space in your closet, it is best to save only the clothes and accessories that you actually use in your day to day life.

Plan and choose furniture

Have you already made your selection? In that case, it is time to get down working to plan your dressing room. It may be interesting to think about a new distribution or you can even take advantage of changing cabinets.

For example, you can opt for a standing coat rack or a composition of open modules. The advantage of opting for open storage solutions is that our clothes are much more accessible. If you do not want to give up aesthetics: try wallpaper background with a little trendy design that you see between your clothes.

If you choose modular furniture you can customize and assemble your own dressing area according to your needs and the space of your bedroom. Maybe a sideboard combined with shelves or ledges and clothes rack. In this sense, remember that it is not necessary to place your wardrobe in the bedroom, because if you have another room, you can use it to place your dressing room.

Small (large) order solutions

Although we have talked about cabinets, we must not lose sight of other solutions such as boxes, clothes bags, coat racks, hangers, etc. For small accessories that are often hidden in the bottom of the cabinet, nothing better than the compartment boxes. Find hangers and special accessories to keep scarves, neckties, handbags, shoes, etc. In addition to helping organize, we avoid the loss of small accessories such as necklaces, belts and other accessories that we do not know where to store.

Also do not lose sight of the dressers, cabinets and other similar furniture that offer us an important solution of extra storage and can be placed in any corner of the bedroom. These are perfect for folded items such as sweaters and underwear.

A place for everything

Another interesting trick when organizing the closet is to assign a specific place for each garment and complement and always respect that order. It is the only way to gain time in our day to day and keep the dressing room always impeccable.

When organizing the dressing room, we should practice our own tricks. It all depends on our personality and our lifestyle. For example, we can classify the garments by categories (pants, shirts, blouses, etc.); by colors or even by types of looks (office, sports, dress, etc.). Try an order that you find practical and help you to gain time in your day to day life.