british style decoration

Ideas for decorating with british style


Nordic, minimalist, modern, vintage… there are many decorative styles. It is the best way to find a decoration that suits your most personal tastes. If you like the classic interiors with some elegant and sophisticated touches, the British style will be yours. In this case, stay tuned, because you are going to love the ideas that I teach you today to introduce you to your decoration. It is about giving your rooms a sober air typical of English environments. Let’s see how to get it.

british style decoration

Wood and leather

Wood (rather dark, mahogany) and leather are the main materials in the British style decor. As you will see in the photo, the environments are generally dark due to the use of these materials, although you can always bring some more light through the complements. With wood and leather you will be able to recreate very elegant environments typical of any British home.

Furniture with curves

This English decoration is not exactly minimalist. There are no straight and pure lines: furniture is rather curved, with armchairs, couches and sofas that will bring the air that is so distinctive feature. The Chester is one of its most emblematic furniture, an example of the British personality that we speak about. In this case, the dark colors are also the protagonists although, if you prefer, you can leave the lightest couch so that it contrasts with the rest of the elements of the room.

The Importance of Lighting

As we are already seeing, interiors with English decorative style are not especially clear in the use of shades. Therefore, it is important to provide the rooms with adequate lighting. Neither especially strong, because we would break all the charm and sobriety that characterizes them. You can put table lamps or a candelabrum, and the chandeliers on the ceiling will always add an extra to the decor.

british style decoration

Purely british accessories

If in order to have a decoration with the peculiarities that we are seeing, you need to change all the interior design of your house, perhaps the desire will be diluted. There is an alternative solution that consists of placing accessories with British design (the colors blue and red, the flag …) on the decoration you already have in your home. It will not be the pure English style with everything we are listing in this post, but british air is assured.

Other indispensable complements

If on the other hand, you bet on the purest british decoration, the old objects cannot miss in the decoration of your home. We have seen before that you can put candlesticks; it will also look wonderful, for example, a ball of the world, a sculpture, a map on the wall, an old typewriter or a retro phone. And to give it a natural touch to relieve sobriety, how about adding flowers? A brush stroke that always looks good.

English country style

A variant of the british is the country of style. In this case, it is a more luminous and rural decoration, where you will not miss the wallpaper with floral prints, the most natural wood, tableware in sight and cozy textiles that take us to the English countryside. The curved lines are still present in the furniture. Ah! And do not forget to put some wild flowers. Do you notice the difference?

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