bath of white color

Give warmth to a bath of white color


It is luminous, timeless, versatile and also conveys a sense of cleanliness. There is no doubt, white is the color par excellence to decorate some spaces of home, such as the bathroom. To put some

decorating in green

Advantages of decorating in green


Did you know that green is the fashionable color of this year? We do not say it, but Pantone, who chose Greenery as the color of 2017. But do not think that this is the

removing mites from mattress

Tips for Removing Mites from the Mattress


Although these bacteria are tiny and imperceptible to the naked eye, every day we live with them for at least 8 hours while we sleep. Mites cause different discomforts, especially people with allergies, asthma or


What type of curtain to choose?


They do not just dress our windows. In addition, they help us regulate the natural light that bathes our interiors and gain intimacy. There are different alternatives to dress the windows. Lace curtains, blinds and