effects of lighting

Emotional effects of lighting in decoration


For a long time neuroscience, psychology, humanistic and cognitive psychology among others, point out the importance of emotions in the control of human behavior, which is why sustainable designs and decorations must guarantee the proper…

first baby room

The first room of a baby


The arrival of a baby is always good news for the family. The months of waiting are a cluster of nerves and illusion in equal parts. But it is also a time to think and…

natural latex mattress

Important points when buying a latex mattress


Buying a natural latex mattress is something increasingly common in our society. This element for the rest has been growing little by little until being established as one of the most habitual and demanded options…

colors for house fronts

The best colors for house fronts


The houses, not only need to be well decorated and painted on the inside, since the letter of presentation primary are undoubtedly the outside of the same, so we must think which is the color…

vintage style lounge

How to Decorate a Vintage Style Lounge


Decorate lounges can be a complex task, but when you are clear about the type of design and decorating style, it can be much easier to plan. Both the furniture, dining tables, sofa, along with…

tropical gardens

Green gardens to give life to the home


Not all green gardens are the same and gardening is as extensive as its origins and purpose of use, for this reason and to give the personal touch to green gardens, it is very important…

plastic paint

The possibilities of plastic paint


The truth is that each type of paint has a series of concrete applications that must be respected to get the most out of it and get an optimal result. In the case of plastic…

built-in wardrobes

Why choose built-in wardrobes?


When we live in a house and started thinking about the room layout and design, one of the first things that we can ask is: do we bet on wardrobes or by the cabinets of…