How to prevent collapse of the food crusher


A food or trash crusher is a great solution to prevent the kitchen waste bin from filling up with food waste that will eventually generate bad odors. They are usually located under the dishwasher and are responsible for grinding food waste so that they can move through the pipe.

food crusher

However, sometimes it can get stuck and cause certain problems when using the sink. If hard or very big pieces are placed, the waste-disposal unit would get stuck and collapse the dishwasher drain system.

The minor problem is that the crusher will stop working because it has some debris stuck. This could be easily solved by removing the foreign objects from the system in order to release it and make it work again correctly.

In the worst case, there would be a complete collapse of the sink drain system. One thing leads to the other and soon you realize that you cannot open the faucet and let some water run out, without it being stuck in the laundry trays.

So that this does not happen, nor should we resort to the knowledge of a plumber to uncover the pipe or much less, here are some simple tips to ensure the proper operation of the food crusher:

Avoid collapsing the food crusher

Do not insert very hard foods: Normally, in the user manual of the appliance you are given a list of objects that you should avoid. Small, hard residues can become jammed and damage the rotation of the crusher. Not only bones and grains are prohibited, but also some vegetable parts whose fibers are often very strong to break (especially if they are raw).

Cut large objects: This will facilitate the work of the crusher and its small pieces will be grateful to you. If you have something very large to put in there, cut it first into small pieces and insert them one by one, not all at once.

Turn the tap on while the crusher is running: After the debris has been gone through the pipe, you should leave both the water jet and the crusher on for at least 40 seconds. This, in addition to helping waste to get faster through the pipeline, causes the water to cool the appliance assembly and prevent it from overheating. You should not use hot water as this could melt the fat present in certain foods causing a block in the line, when it can solidify again.

Crushed ice from time to time: In this way will be deleted the waste that are located on the sharp edges of the crusher, and will allow their optimum operation. For best results, you can make ice cubes with lemon juice or vinegar as their cleansing properties are fantastic.

From time to time check the waste tank: That the one under the sink. Remove any object that might be restricting the crusher and reseal it for further use.