Tips to eliminate common pests from the house

Are you tired of having to fight against the ants and mites that invade your house? Can not stand any more chemicals for eradication? In this article we propose some simple tricks and habits of life to eliminate domestic and undesirable pests.

eliminate pests

How to remove mites

Mites are generally responsible for many allergies. They are settling in beds, curtains, carpets or rugs. Not to be afraid, it is worth knowing that up to 2 million mites can be counted on a mattress.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and wash carpets at least 2 times a year.
  • Try to decrease moisture and fungi, and do not overheat the house.
  • Change bed sheets every week.
  • Do not set potted plants in the bedroom.
  • Avoid double curtains as much as possible.

How to remove ants

With the arrival of the heat, the ants can make an appearance. There are simple and natural ways to keep them away from the house:

  • Place white vinegar, coffee grounds, or ash from the fireplace in its usual way.
  • Place green sage and camphor in the cabinets.
  • Squeeze a lemon and leaves the peelings in places where you want the ants not to see again (plants, front door, etc.).

The rules for keeping insects away

  • Empty the garbage regularly (every two days at most).
  • Throw out carton packs and store food like rice, pasta, or sugar in hermetically sealed containers, and do not let the fresh fruit get rotten.
  • Pass the vacuum cleaner around the house frequently to remove crumbs and leftovers.
  • Isolate and protect certain parts of the house that are the main entrance door for insects.
  • Check that the bathroom and kitchen vents are in good condition and clean them frequently.
  • If you live in the field, place a grate on the end of the ventilation ducts.
  • Frequently empty containers to collect rainwater.

Keeping the house clean of insects and pests can be a little easier than we imagine, and above all, without having to resort to chemicals that ultimately harm health and the environment. Just follow these simple tips to make a home healthier and especially cleaner.