built-in wardrobes

Why choose built-in wardrobes?


When we live in a house and started thinking about the room layout and design, one of the first things that we can ask is: do we bet on wardrobes or by the cabinets of

designs of stairs

5 designs of stairs to fall in love


When we talk about home design we often forget the small details as there it can be the stairs. Stairs have a very important role in our house, as these are responsible for joining one

paint in kitchen

What color can we paint in our kitchen?


The kitchens have become a far corner of our house which should look radiant. They are no longer mere places to cook or do our housework. At present have also become centers of meeting of

furnishing a child bedroom

Tips for furnishing a child bedroom


We want to review some of the basic recommendations for decorating a children’s bedroom. We begin, in chronological order, with the room of the newborn. The blue-pink dichotomy has long since become obsolete. Today there

save loung space

Lounge: Tips to save space


The lounge where the whole family gathers to chat, read or watch TV, the living room should be given particular attention in its development not to be too crowded. Whether opting for the scalable furniture

japanese panel

Japanese panels: Light touch in the decoration


It stretches where you want to dress your interior while transparent, it plays with light and colors to personalize your decoration. The Japanese panel has the chic to please us! More curtain than furniture In