How to prevent collapse of the food crusher


A food or trash crusher is a great solution to prevent the kitchen waste bin from filling up with food waste that will eventually generate bad odors. They are usually located under the dishwasher and

decorate hall

Halls with charm, ideas for decorating


One of the first impressions that usually take our guests when arriving at our house is the one of the hall of our house. It is the first image that comes from the exact moment

inside our dining room

How to get the most out of your dining room


The dining room of our house is a place that should always look cozy and tidy, especially if we are regulars to receive all kinds of unexpected visits. However, this sometimes seems a bit difficult

decoration of rustic kitchens

Tips for Decorating Rustic Kitchens


To get a rustic style decoration, it should be taken into account that wood is the main protagonist, but can be combined with colors harmoniously with other elements such as stones or bricks. With this,

decorate your small bathroom

Meet these ideas to decorate your small bathroom


Our bathrooms have become over the last decades a place where we also have to leave our personal seal at the time of decorate it. To have ceased to be those cold and soulless places

terrace with glass curtains

Decorating a terrace with glass curtains


Having a terrace means having a treasure, especially if you live in the middle of the city and have in it a small place where to escape the monotony and enjoy the outdoors without having

avoid flooding in home

How to avoid flooding in your home?


It has sometimes happened to you that you come home after a long day, ready to rest and relax as soon as you enter the door, forgetting about the obligations and pending; and just when

open cabinets

5 ideas for storing clothes in the bedroom


Storing clothes is one of the biggest headaches in the organization of a bedroom. Whether it’s big or small, when we plan the decor of a bedroom, one of the things that most concern us

moving house procedure

Procedures for moving house


It is confirmed, you will move soon. A lot of questions come to mind: whom to call for electricity? Whom to warn for mail? How can you leave your mind alone? In short, you are