removing mites from mattress

Tips for Removing Mites from the Mattress


Although these bacteria are tiny and imperceptible to the naked eye, every day we live with them for at least 8 hours while we sleep. Mites cause different discomforts, especially people with allergies, asthma or…


What type of curtain to choose?


They do not just dress our windows. In addition, they help us regulate the natural light that bathes our interiors and gain intimacy. There are different alternatives to dress the windows. Lace curtains, blinds and…

transform dining room decor

The key pieces to transform the dining room decor


Transform the dining room, even the most boring and discreet, with small gestures that make a difference. It's true what say: the decoration is made of small details and all together make a major difference.…

eliminate pests

Tips to eliminate common pests from the house


Are you tired of having to fight against the ants and mites that invade your house? Can not stand any more chemicals for eradication? In this article we propose some simple tricks and habits of…

light color sofa

The best sofas for small spaces


Is it possible to decorate mini apartments and flats without giving up style and comfort? Yes you can. Here we mention some secrets that can help you when choosing main furniture and with great protagonism,…

Common mistakes when painting wooden furniture


It is increasingly common to give new life to old wooden or disused furniture. This work is usually done by changing the color, placing new handles, decorating certain areas, etc. When we have to paint…

advantage of balcony

Balconies, a space to discover!


Cities are growing more and more vertically. And it is precisely the lack of space in the challenge that has the small apartments to create terraces or balconies that offer sufficient outdoor space for people.…

rectangular table

Your dining table: Rectangular or round?


Dining tables are daily protagonists of important family moments, such as meals or meetings; however, at the time of choosing it is not clear what the ideal table for your space is. Beyond if you…